Everything About Bali Bike Tour: The Best Bike Tour

Bali is popularly known as the island of paradise. It is also a magical island with many spectacular destinations. Bali’s topography comes in beaches, hills and rice fields, making it the best place to go adventuring.

Bali Bike Tour offers the perfect combination of touring, exploring not only the wonderful landscape but also some historical sites along with the villages that often hold traditional ceremonies and festivals. With your electrified bike, you can cycle along the countryside and take pictures whenever and wherever you want.

What Is The Purpose of Bali Bike Tour?

Why do you need Bali Bike Tour? As all people will answer why they’ll need a holiday, you need to have fun and get relaxed, escaping from your daily routines in the city. Bali is the perfect place to go cycling and feel how peaceful and interesting the world as if you were in a paradise.

Bali Bike tour can start the route in Ubud, the most popular village that offers both nature and culture. Later, you can continue cycling to visit coffee plantations where you can surely try a cup of coffee made originally by local people.

Continue riding your electric bike and you’ll get the highlights of your touring. Truly, the spectacular views of rice fields that you usually see on photos only are in front of you. You will feel enchanted by the breathtaking scenery before you stop at the small villages.

What To Get By Booking Bali Bike Tour

Booking Bali Bike Tour will include a number or services such as the bike rental which is already priced in the package. It is pretty easy to book Bali Bike Tour. Visit the website and you don’t have to pay upfront. Your data is also safe. If you want to have a safe journey, book the package tour along with the guides.

Why You Choose Bali Bike Tour

There are some reasons why Bali Bike Tour is highly recommended. First, the bike tours are environment-friendly. It promotes the well-maintained tourism. Touring by bike also help you save 1.5 to 2 kg of CO2 on average if it is compared to go touring by bus. Later, bike tour supports both the employment and local economy. Bike tour does big jobs for local green infrastructure investment. And the main goal is that you can be healthy and relaxing.

How to Join Bali Bike Tour

Once you decide to join Bali Bike Tour, you and make an online reservation first. Later, you can arrange your schedule or make a cancellation. Payment will use U.S dollars, therefore, make sure you have dollars in your pocket. The distance you can take for this bike touring is 20 km or 12 to 13 mil.

A package of Bali Bike Tour will usually include a bike rental, time to take photos, English-speaking guide, and a great experience. There are also some additional options available for your convenience. Those are the child bikes, child seats, e-bike, helmet and pick-up service.

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